Monday, January 16, 2012

This Month in a Nutshell

This last month, a lot of things came to a head. I'm still not sure how to process everything, but since this blog is really more my journal than anything, I think I need to start getting my thoughts down so I can see God's faithfulness in the future.

Strange things have happened this school year. I think that's about all I can safely say on the Internet. Once I thought the hurtful chapter was over, I was wrong. False allegations were raised against me; my character was questioned. Ultimately, I was given 3 days to say goodbye to 750 students and close out 3 schools and start over the next week with 2 new schools and 750 new students. This entire saga was drawn out for almost 4 weeks with no answers (over the Christmas holiday), and wrought havoc on my anxiety-prone soul. (For the record, this is not the holiday weight-loss plan I'd advise for anyone.)

Satan has had a field day with me and my family. Yet God has been speaking...sometimes in a whisper, and sometimes in a reverberating shout. The next few posts will walk through some of the lessons I'm learning.

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Lola May said...


I've been praying for you and wondering what was happening. Even without the details my heart is breaking for you. I am like you, anxious about things like that, and I know that I would be a mess if something like that happened to me.

I wish I could go back now to when I saw you at the movie theatre and give you that hug again.

There really are no words to say to take away what you are feeling. You already know to keep your eyes on Him. Jesus understands. He's been there. He's been lied about. He will comfort you. God sees all and He knows your heart and the truth.

With many hugs and much love,