Sunday, October 2, 2011

Our Budding Author

Dayna has been working at school on adding detail sentences to her writing. Here's her latest story (all spelling left intact):

The Dog and the Walk
by Dayna Wilson

One day Tom took his dog's leshe down. The dog was very egsiydid.
Next Tom put the leshe on the dog. The dog was still very egsiydid.
Finally Tom took him for a walk. The dog was very very egisidid.
The End


Anonymous said...

I was very egsyidid to read your story Dayna dear! ~ Mary Ann

Paula said...

Wow, her spelling is great! Coincidentally, Sarah wrote a story right before bed tonight. It involved a guy named Jed who didn't want to go to bed. Dayna's spelling is much more accurate than Sarah's. I love both of their stories!