Thursday, September 29, 2011

I Don't Even Know Where to Start...

I saw this comment on a news story tonight. I'm torn somewhere between speechless and having way too much to say on the matter.

It is frustrating to me that so many conservatives hand over their kids to the state for “FREE” care & education. Our state-run education system is a monstrosity that is feeding our crumbling nation with a mass of poorly educated population that will willingly swallow all things anti-liberty. Rather than expecting the agenda-driven educators and administrators to be something that who and what they are, why not start a mass exodus out of the state-run education system. Imagine if every PROFESSING conservative put their actions where their rhetoric is and gave their children a real education (i.e. homeschool). We would have quite a generation to rise up to secure freedoms that previous generations so foolishly squandered. If you send your kids to the state school you will get a state education — think Nazi youth movement.

1. I'm not handing my kid over to the state for a "free" education. I am preparing her to be a light in the world.

2. Last I checked, neither myself, my colleagues, nor my daughter's teachers are agenda-driven or anti-liberty. Administration, maybe (in some cases)...but the vast majority of teachers in the public school system are simply trying to teach.

3. I believe myself, my colleagues and my daughter's teachers ARE providing a "real" education (to those students who are coming to school ready to learn.)

Honestly, I'm sick and tired of conservatives who are shooting the rest of us in the foot by spewing such ignorant, close-minded rhetoric.

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Joy said...

Amen Sister! Don't even get me started!