Friday, September 30, 2011


After a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day yesterday (really...8 out of 10 classes had really horrible behavior, and Mrs. Wilson turned into the Music Teacher from the Black Lagoon), I came home exhausted and grumpy.

Dayna suggested I tell my students the same story her teacher uses to get kids to stop talking. Would you know? It really worked! Those same 10 classes were *almost* angels today; at least, the talking was under control. I can't believe it's taken me 13 years to figure this out. And really, it may not even work next week...but today, I'm happy.

So...what is this secret trick? When I say the word "bubble", the students have to catch a bubble in their mouth. The bubble will pop if they talk, hum, or even open their mouths. Any student caught talking or making noise after I say "bubble" receives a check. (Do students even know what the checks mean? I wonder sometimes.)

Anyway, I think I only needed to say it more than once in about 3 classes. Even my extremely chatty (that's a charitable description) Kindergarten class did so well we were able to get out the instruments and play today.

Here's hoping it still works next week...

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Paula said...

When I was coaching gymnastics, sometimes the girls would huddle up so close when I was talking that they would practically be right on top of me. I would say "bubble" meaning "get out of mine and give me some space" and they would all step back. I guess it's a multi-purpose tool. :)