Friday, March 31, 2017

Regional Science Fair

Back in February, Dayna was one of twelve students from her school selected to represent the Bluejays at the Southeast Nebraska regional science fair.

Dayna woke up that morning not feeling her best, and I made a judgment call to give her enough medicine to get her through the morning. She had worked so hard for this day.

When she got back to the school at lunchtime (I happened to be subbing for another sixth grade teacher), she was ready to crash, but came with a nice shiny medal. I called her dad and sent her home. I think her little system had worked so hard to get to this point that her immune system just crashed.

Dayna was one of two students from the original twelve selected to move on and represent her school at the State Science Fair to be held in April. They also happen to be the first from her school to ever go this far.

I'm so proud of the work she did, the hours of preparation, the dozens of cookies she baked, and the endurance she demonstrated to see this project through. I can't wait to see what happens at the State Science Fair.

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