Friday, March 31, 2017

Amana 2017

To honor Aunt Sharon's birthday, and to see our good friends the Overmanns, we invited ourselves to Eastern Iowa for a weekend to visit the Amana Colonies. Aunt Sharon first introduced me to this spot shortly after she was diagnosed with cancer. We spent many weekends creating memories, and the weekend spent here was one of my dearest.

Of course, this involved the great family-style breakfast feast where 5/6 diners chowed down on massive quantities of bacon while the 6th one was happily carb loading on homemade English muffin bread and fried potatoes.

Dayna enjoyed her time at the rock store collecting new treasures.

And the family was able to spend a few hours ice skating (our local rink closed early for the year, and we never got to go, so we promised the girls on this road trip.)

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