Wednesday, November 30, 2016


This year's Thanksgiving was quite possibly the most perfect Thanksgiving weekend ever (with the exception of missing many family members.) We had an enjoyable morning eating our traditional "acorn donuts"
followed by a perfect drive to see Dan's parents in Norfolk. The parade was on, the Lions won, the turkey was juicy, the pies were fabulous...but the company was the best. We really enjoyed our stay with Dan's parents.

The drive home was pleasant, the Huskers lost (okay...not a perfect weekend, but the Beavers made up for it by beating the Ducks), the tree was chosen, the house was decorated, the Christmas bucket lists were made, and we all genuinely enjoyed a lazy weekend together.

I was particularly proud of the girls that their Christmas bucket list ideas were all experiences rather than material things. These are the memories that last a lot longer than the newest fad toy.

So at the end of the weekend, I must say - I am truly thankful for my family.

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