Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A Random Advent Reflection

I love this picture.

It almost looks magazine worthy. The little train going around the track. The mix of homemade and coordinated ornaments that reflect my love for everything red and white at Christmastime. Even the ornaments hanging in the window.

But what you don't see is the process that went into my beautiful tree and lovely window. You know...the boxes and chaos.

But isn't that exactly what Jesus came to do? He took my chaos cleaned me up. He sifted through my piles and messes, helped me throw out what I didn't really need anymore and caused me to remember His faithfulness from times in the past. And little by little, the mess became manageable. I'm still a work in progress - nowhere close to the picturesque tree - but He's still sweeping out the cobwebs and making me a little more like Jesus everyday. So as I continue to prepare my home for Christmas, I pray that God continues to prepare my heart.

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