Monday, February 29, 2016

Young Authors

Fifth grade - the last year of elementary school. And Dayna has done it again! She was the class winner of the Young Author's contest at her school. Her goal was to win every year, and she came close, missing it in fourth grade (but winning another statewide writing contest that same year instead.)

She started writing her piece, which was 8 pages long, back in December when we were driving to Oregon. It's a beautiful chapter story about the Nativity, told through the eyes of the animals (cow, donkey, sheep, and camel.) I hope to get a copy of it soon and share!

A treat for the winners is a pizza party at school with a guest speaker. This year's speaker was a local 17-year-old who was first published several years ago. He's now written three novels. A special treat for Dayna was to see that he was also born with cleft lip and palate. I love when she has role models to whom she can relate.

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