Sunday, January 31, 2016

This Guy

The second half of this month has been eye opening for me. I realize anew just how much I love my husband and how much I depend on him. He had the opportunity to do some job training in Dallas two weeks ago. Four days. Four really long days. One kid with the stomach flu. Three days to finish one load of laundry. One hour to load the dishwasher. Everything seemed to be in slow motion, and I felt ill-equipped to handle the pressure. Nothing seemed to get accomplished, and my best efforts to have a smoothly-run home for his return were in vain. He came home to three high-strung girls and a lot more gray hair (on my head - he asserts that his hair is clear.)

I know that Satan has used this time to throw his fiery darts of accusations and lies, and I confess...he almost had me for a bit. I have wondered if I was enough for my girls. I have wondered if I'm nurturing my family the way they need me. I have felt like I was failing those I love the most.

But I'm reminded that I don't need to be enough. I can't do anything on my own power. God created our marriage. He designed our family. He knew exactly what He was doing as He fashioned four very different souls from four different parts of the world. And as long as He is enough....that's enough for me.

(That, and I'm really glad that Dan is home and doesn't travel often! I'm also really glad that the stomach flu never actually reached the vomiting stage - for those who may know that according to an agreement made with Dan years ago, that's my end.)

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