Sunday, January 31, 2016

Another Birthday

Many find January to be dismal. I get kind of excited. I've always loved my birthday. This year was a lot of fun. I got to sub in the same class I enjoyed for six weeks last fall. Dan sent me flowers at school, and brought birthday treats to share with the kids. I taught piano lessons and was treated to dinner at Cracker Barrel. (Not as good as usual, but hey, I didn't have to cook!) Dan and the girls made my favorite German Chocolate cake, and the family delivered on some thoughtful gifts. Thanks to all for sharing my birthday joy this year!

Hooray for new sock yarn and a new yarn swift to wind it! And the cake didn't last very long...
Happy new sock yarn from Alaska
New yarn swift to wind the yarn!
Look at those sparkles. Now to find the perfect pattern.
The cake didn't last long.

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