Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Fabulous 40

It's hard living 1,600 miles away from my best friend. We've been through an awful lot since that first day of 8th grade, sitting together in the back of the science class (I wonder if we weren't seated alphabetically how long it would have taken us to become friends.)

I still giggle at our high school antics, but I'm deeply grateful for the friendship that has matured and grown (even though we have our days where we wonder if we've matured!)

We both turned 40 this year, and life didn't allow us to take the getaway we had wanted. But we still made a great day of it earlier this week, visiting all sorts of places we wouldn't normally frequent - and simply getting away for a few hours of all the responsibilities that life has brought our way.

Amazing ice cream

I had the strawberry balsamic black pepper and coconut salted caramel bar

Who doesn't love a great yarn shop?

Bonus - the mountain was out that day

So glad I made sure we had extra room in the car for our return trip

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