Saturday, May 31, 2014

First Annual Pioneer Festival

After years of doing a day-long Pioneer School, our local school district allowed a friend and I to explore something new. The fourth grade class participated in a day-long Pioneer Festival, where they were able to attend 6 different sessions (leatherwork, needlework, cooking, one-room schoolhouse, pioneer games, and folk dancing.) In between sessions, they were able to ride a miniature steam train, hayracks, watch yarn spinning, tour an old post office and train depot, shuck some corn...the activities seemed endless.

The kids had a blast! I was able to lead the folk dancing session, and our photographer got some incredible pictures. I'd love to share them here, but for the privacy of the students, I'll have to just enjoy those pictures on my own :)

Can't wait until we do this next year with Dayna!

With Gina - the most amazing co-chair for a project like this (and really the brains behind the whole thing!)

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