Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Double-Edged Sword

(Warning...opinionated mother thoughts ahead.)

I know I've talked about fundraising for adoptions before. It seems to be a hot-button issue in the adoption world. In the one camp, you have people who adamantly insist that if you can't afford to adopt, you shouldn't. In the other camp, you have people who can very well afford to raise another child, but might need a little help raising the money for plane tickets and agency fees. Both camps feel strongly. Both camps have some valid points. And my bottom line is that if someone feels led to generously give, it's not my place to deny them the blessing. Likewise, I'm not going to ask virtual strangers to finance my family's life change. When it comes to fundraising, I like to see some sort of product given in return (such as the sale of an item.)

But in the midst of all the vocal people (mostly adoptive families) who are adamantly against fundraising, I also see feel-good articles about adoption. On these articles, 80% of the people commenting say they'd love to adopt if they have the money. (For the DON'T have to be rich to adopt...we certainly aren't. And there are great grant organizations and other non-profits that will help you find ways to pay those fees and travel costs.)

So the message I'm seeing is that you should only adopt if you have money. Hang on...when did children finding families become about money?

There are a lot of things that we were able to give up. Our girls go without a lot of things their peers have. But our girls have a family.

Please...can't we all stop throwing our stones and focus on more important things?

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