Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I'm looking out my window right now...the end of July in Nebraska...and beginning to wonder just where I put that electric blanket cord. Maybe it's not quite that cool, but after an incredibly dry month, we've had some lovely rain and clouds the last few days. Temps have been in the 60s and 70s. The windows have been open. And the tea has been hot more than it's been iced.

Summer's winding to a close (a bit too soon here in Nebraska). In the next week, I need to get Dayna out for some new school clothes and supplies. Finalizing day care plans for Annie is also on the agenda. I'm ready to go back and be in the classroom again (as a substitute.) It's been a good summer, but a quiet one. The cooler temps this week are definitely making me yearn for fall and all the great things that go along with it. The pumpkin patch. Apple orchards. Falling leaves. Pumpkin chai lattes. Bonfires.

I know we'll have some hot weather again before that happens, but I'm enjoying the sneak peek right now!

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