Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Running Through the Airport

I stumbled across this blog last night. I've never read anything by Lisa-Jo Baker before, but this one had me thinking. I confess...the title caught my eye. "When you think your love story is boring."

Not that I think my marriage to Dan is boring at all...but sometimes in the middle of life, you forget to see the fireworks.

Go ahead and read that article. Then you can come back!

I've been thinking about all the ways Dan expresses his love. The laundry magically finds its way from the floor to the washer to the dryer to nice folded piles. Not that I never do laundry...but I never need to ask Dan to help.

Tonight, I came back from taking the girls to drop Dayna's 4-H projects at the County Fair. The dishes were done and the counters were clean.

Right now, hysterical giggles are coming from the other room while he plays and tickles and wrestles and loves on his girls.

Earlier tonight, he dropped everything to fill the tank of my car before I left.

He doesn't have the highest paying job, but he finds ways to provide for our family...even when things are tight.

He takes the high road when I have one of my little fits and treat him less than kindly.

He listens to me talk. And talk. And talk. And talk.

He lets me dream and plan. And when things got too tough awhile back, he found a way for me to a make a major change in my life so we could make some positive changes in our family's life.

And while he'll never have to run through an airport for me...I giggle (in hindsight) at all the times he's run through an airport *with* me.

So while the fireworks may seem dim at times, I wouldn't trade this love story for anything.

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