Saturday, March 31, 2012

Thank You, Netflix

The 70's and 80's gave us so many memorable television moments.

Remember the Huxtables?
Or Mrs. Garrett and the girls at boarding school?
Or the Keatons and their son Alex P. ( I swooned over Alex. P Keaton as a youth.)
Or Mr. Drummond and the family that broke so many barriers.
Well...few of these favorite shows are available to watch on Netflix. But Dan & I have been enjoying catching up on The Wonder Years. The innocence of young love and adolescent friendships. (I'm proud to say I'm still close to my best friend since middle school.)

Now...I'm not complaining. Netflix has a LOT to offer. And now that we don't have cable, I'm thankful for the options.

But somehow...I've become a widow to another classic show:

Captain Kirk? Could you kindly beam yourself back to the Enterprise? I kind of miss my husband :)

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