Saturday, March 31, 2012


So this picture has been floating around Facebook lately. The picture is hilarious. But the caption? I fail to find the humor in it. I ran across another similar "joke" about adoption a few nights ago and couldn't hold my tongue (my fingers?) I typed what I hoped was a comment giving food for thought about the appropriateness of such "insults." (I mean an adopted child any less a member of a family than a natural born child?)

In my new community, I teach an unusually high number of broken children, many in foster care. I can't picture myself looking any one of them in the eye and saying, "Can't you take a joke?" after insinuating they have less value because they are adopted.

The responses to my comment were quite interesting. Many people seemed to agree...the original comment really wasn't funny, nor was it in good taste. Those responses were polite, and simply stated a shared opinion. But the comments that disagreed? I won't even repeat the vulgarities that were directed to me. (Apparently I don't have a sense of humor.) They were spiteful and hateful.

Ah! The joy of being able to hide behind the anonymity of the internet and vilify people you don't know.

It saddens me that so many people can't live in a society anymore where differences of opinion can be thoughtfully shared without resorting to obscenities and name calling.

I decided to end my day by turning off the computer and snuggling with my little darling...giggling quietly while she was sleeping over all the funny jokes she likes to tell. I guess I do have a sense of humor, after all.

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