Thursday, August 31, 2017

Quick Trip Home

Hooray for my husband who made it possible for me to make a second trip to Oregon this summer. I was pretty much resigned to the fact that I would miss my nephew Noah's wedding, but between Dan's generosity and a really great deal on airfare, I was able to take my first Mommy trip (alone!) for a quick weekend home. I was able to pack an awful lot in those 48 hours - like time with my great-niece and nephews, an afternoon with my sister and a sushi dinner with her and her husband, lots of snuggle time with another great-nephew, and many hugs for almost all of my family members.

The famous PDX carpet

Breakfast of Jazzy Bagels and fresh blackberries

I brought my flat family along for the wedding since the 3-D versions stayed behind in Nebraska

"Hi-dee-ho, neighbor"

The gorgeous bride and groom

A little welcome home gift from my girls

And a delicious welcome home cake

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