Sunday, July 31, 2016

17 Things I Love About Dan

July 2 marked 17 years of marriage to this guy. So for fun, here are 17 things I love about Dan:
  1. He always keeps my tank filled with gas.
  2. He loves to drive across the country with me - often letting me knit while he drives.
  3. He's super quiet early in the morning so the rest of us can sleep.
  4. He listens to me tell the same stories over and over again.
  5. He loves to "tickle wrestle" with the girls, filling our home with belly laughs.
  6. He keeps laundry going when he's working at home.
  7. He loves drum corps. Really loves drum corps. 
  8. He laughs a lot and his whole face changes when he's laughing.
  9. He smells good. (Usually - but not often after drum corps.)
  10. He likes seafood as much as I do.
  11. He frequently picks up after the girls. (All three of us.)
  12. He waters and weeds the garden for me faithfully. 
  13. He enjoys taking walks with me, often letting me do a lot of the talking.
  14. He's a really good listener (see #4, 13)
  15. He loves trains and often takes the girls to watch trains while I sneak a few quiet moments at home.
  16. He's a really good cook.
  17. He's dependable, faithful, full of integrity, selfless, secure, kind...much more than a list of 17 can contain.
Love you, Dan! Can't wait for many, many more years.

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