Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May Projects

I didn't accomplish much (meaning I didn't finish anything, other than a few dishcloths) this month. My yarn hasn't been behaving.

This beautiful yarn from New Zealand was just asking to become a pair of Seahawk socks. The pattern was meh - I like how it looks, but didn't love the process. (Pattern: Geek Socks on Ravelry). 

 I was so excited to be done and put in the afterthought heel when this happened:

Yup - they didn't even go over my heel. I feel like such a heel. And so these socks are in time out until I feel like unraveling to the heel and reknitting the leg with a larger needle.

Meanwhile, I started something new - I've been drooling over my new Socktopus book for a few months. I love the highly textured patterns, and was ready for a break from self-striping yarns. Enter my new Knit Picks yarn: "Willamette."
I'm one sock down, and halfway done with the other. This was more "old school" for me - working on DPNs (double pointed needles), one sock at a time, cuff down. (I've become a two at a time knitting on a large circular [magic loop], toe-up kind of sock knitter.)
I really like the colors and can't wait to finish (although I think I need to order more yarn - it's using a bit more than usual with the texture.)

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