Saturday, April 30, 2016

Great Is Thy Faithfulness

I like to look back on Facebook and see memories from the past. Lately, I've had some pretty hard memories come back. Like the time I lost my teaching job - but wait - I didn't. Rather, I was given the "choice" between working full-time or not at all. I remember lamenting the fact that my daughter would start school, and I wouldn't have the chance to volunteer in her class, or really get to know her teachers and classmates.

Or the memories that are too hard to elaborate - like this simple post.

I stumbled upon the picture again this week as I was completing my BSF lesson on the New Earth.

The night I stumbled on this again, I was brought to tears. I am even again writing this now. You see - the incredibly hard lesson allowed me to leave. Allowed me to discover an alternate path on my teaching career. One that has brought so much fulfillment. The day I stumbled on this picture again happened to be the same day I subbed in my daughter's class. I've had four incredible years working in her school. Sometimes as a volunteer, but more often as a paid substitute. I've been able to develop friendships with her teachers and invest in her classmates.

And the things I left behind - a little bit of fondness and a little bit of pain. I still have some healing to do. But I am finding myself in a place that is far, far better than anything I left behind.

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