Saturday, October 31, 2015

Angels Watching

Our sweet little Hyundai is ten years old to us (thirteen years total). She's seen better days, but she's trusty and reliable.

Last weekend, Dan and Annie were leaving his parents' house when the front left lower control arm completely rusted through and snapped. Fortunately, this happened in the driveway. Another five minutes, and the two of them would have been traveling a good clip on the highway. The wheel would have completely fallen off. 

Dan's dad was gracious enough to loan is his car while we figured out what to do with ours. Turns out the repair bill would have been almost three times what the car is worth. 

With a little research, a recall for that part was discovered. So the car was towed a little over a hundred miles to Omaha where the dealer is repairing the car at no cost to us! 

God was definitely looking out for our family in more ways than one.

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