Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Little Moments

Life is full of little moments. I'm not sure where they seem to slip, but it seems in the dailiness of life that they are so easy to miss.

Somewhere between the schedules, the groceries, the housework, the commitments, the doctor's appointments and simply trying to maintain our sanity - the little moments are lost.

Why is it so easy to be distracted by the "necessities" of life, that I forget to stop and giggle with my girls? Or snuggle up and read a book? Those bedtime conversations that go by the wayside as I am doing whatever it is that I'm doing. (In all honesty, it's probably not very important.)

Today was a gift - I'm not sure where those distractions went, but I found myself snuggling with a little girl who wouldn't nap; helping another with her homework; creating a gourmet pizza; finishing a girlie movie; and enjoying a bedtime that wasn't rushed and secret thoughts were shared.

God, help me to see the little moments - and to remember that they are much bigger than any of us realize.

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