Monday, June 30, 2014

Storms a-Brewing

It's been a big year for severe weather again. I never really knew what that entailed before I moved here. But for my friends out West who don't regularly experience severe weather, here's a little lesson:

An amazing pair of twin tornadoes touched down just out of Stanton a couple of weeks ago. (Stanton is where my late aunt lived for years and years.)

Unfortunately, two lives were lost in these storms, and countless others were injured. 75% of the town of Pilger was completely destroyed. We drove past Pilger 6 days after the storms. It was sobering to see - with all the "excitement" of severe weather, it's still a grim reminder just how powerful these storms can be. Even with the best of forecasting and warning equipment.

So we pray for the people of Pilger. We continue to monitor the weather and make smart choices here. And every time we head for shelter, I'm reminded that God is very big, and whatever happens will not be a surprise to Him.

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