Saturday, November 30, 2013


It's been a great month for football. Annie is really starting to enjoy the excitement of the game. Our hometown high school football team has had an incredible year. Each game of the state playoffs just got better. We maintained our home team advantage right up to the final game. Several years back, the Bluejays made it to the state quarterfinals - the furthest they've ever gone. This year...they just kept winning. In some pretty nailbiting games!

Last Tuesday, the entire school district was shut down so the town could support our team for the State Finals. Early that morning, other brave people lined the streets downtown to cheer the team as they left. (I was snug in bed, but a friend's husband posted this video.)

Dan took the day off work as well. To Lincoln we went to cheer our team in Memorial Stadium (home of the Cornhuskers.) I would say there were about 5,000 fans on our side. Impressive since the population of our town is half that. The temperatures were in the 20s. The wind was fierce. Annie wouldn't keep mittens on her hands. And yet we all cheered! It was a lopsided loss, but we're proud of our Bluejays, nonetheless.

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