Sunday, February 5, 2012

My Birthday Present

I saw the sweetest idea at a craft store in Oregon over Christmas. My dear mom bought me (almost) all the things I needed to make this fun craft.

You can find directions here. I opted to make the magnetic dates from large glass stones with the scrapbook paper/dates mod-podged onto the back before gluing on the magnets.

I love that the acrylic sheet on the front is dry-erase so I can change the month and write any important dates I need.
Thanks for the birthday gift, Mom! It was a lot of fun.


Garey and Janiece said...

Glad you like it ... turned out great but we have to thank your dad as well since he's the one who provides the money for such fun things!

alainaw30 said...

Absolutely...thanks Dad!!!! You're the best!!!!

Paula said...

Very cute!