Sunday, July 31, 2011

Knowing Better, Part 2

While the first day of the conference was convicting, the second day was more uplifting. It was...well...even better.

We learned that better is better
  • When better is the Blood.
Beth contrasted two mountains in the Bible: Mount Sinai, where sacrifices were continually offered and man lived under judgment; and Mount Zion, where Jesus mediates a new covenant in His blood.
  • When better is a Savior.
Knowing better is not about having better behavior, it's about knowing Christ.
  • When better is God's love.
We can't love God until we accept that He loves us. We can't be in His will if we aren't abiding in His love.
  • When better is a way.
I don't have a lot written here, but we can choose to love again, even when our hearts have been broken. We need to look to Christ...He is the Way.
  • When better is a country.
God has prepared a city (Zion) for us. Even now, we are longing for this better country.

God has planned something BETTER for us....will we choose to keep moving forward, or living in our past, where the better makes us bitter?

Disclaimer: many, many Scripture references were given in the course of the weekend. I'm happy to share if you ask...just didn't included them all in these posts.

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